Information Gathering :- dnsdict6

Topic : information gathering
sub topic :- dnsdict6
Skill Level :- 2/5
platform :- Linux (Kali or backtrack recommended)
Introduction :- DNSDICT6 is a Information Gathering tool provided with KALI. This tool is used to find all the sub-domains of a website or web server. The most advanced use of DSNDICT6 is to enumerate all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.This tool is quite a powerful tool because it also extracts those sub domains which are restricted or invisible for users.
how to :- dnsdict6 by Application-->Kali-->Information gathering-->DNS analysts-->dnsdict6 or in terminal by typing dnsdict6
2. all possible action for using dnsdict6 will get by -h options
Example of syntax and options
Syntax: dnsdict6 [-d46] [-s|-m|-l|-x] [-t THREADS] [-D] domain [dictionary-file]
-4 also dump IPv4 addresses
-t NO specify the number of threads to use (default: 8, max: 32).
-D dump the selected built-in wordlist, no scanning.
-d display IPv6 information on NS and MX DNS domain information.
-S perform SRV service name guessing
-[smlx] choose the dictionary size by -s(mall=50), -m(edium=796) (DEFAULT)
-l(arge=1416), or -x(treme=3211)
dnsdict6 -4
Dnsdict6 is really awesome tool for digging about dns it ll give u all dns addresses associated with  known as dns digging.