Information Gathering :- IPS/IDS Identification

Topic : information gathering
sub topic :- lbd
Skill Level :- 2/5
platform :- Linux (Kali or backtrack recommended)
Intoduction :-
Load Balancing Detector (a.k.a. lbd) is a tool written by Stefan Behte ( It detects if a given domain uses DNS and/or HTTP Load-Balancing. Checks are made against Server: and Date: header and diffs between server answers (50 requests are sent and compared).
Notice that the tool is a proof of concept (PoC) and can hence provide false positives.
Installation :- (If you are not using KALI or backtrack then)
$ mkdir -p /pentest/enumeration/lbd/
$ cd /pentest/enumeration/lbd/
$ wget
$ chmod +x lbd
$  ln -s /pentest/enumeration/lbd /bin/lbd 
How To :-
Example :-
Sample output