Information Gathering :- WAFW00F

Topic : information gathering
sub topic :- WAFW00F
Skill Level :- 2/5
platform :- Linux (Kali or backtrack recommended)
Introduction :-
Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) can be detected through stimulus/response testing scenarios. Here is a short listing of possible detection methods:
  • Cookies: Some WAF products add their own cookie in the HTTP communication.
  • Server Cloaking: Altering URLs and Response Headers
  • Response Codes: Different error codes for hostile pages/parameters values
  • Drop Action: Sending a FIN/RST packet (technically could also be an IDS/IPS)
  • Pre Built-In Rules: Each WAF has different negative security signatures
WafW00f is based on these assumptions to determine remote WAFs.
Sample Output
Wafoof (1)


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