Gnome-screenshot Problem in kali Linux

Hi All,


When you use gnome screenshot feature It was not able to save the screenshot on kali linux.
so its a bug in gnome-screenshot Latest version.

Problem :-

When you try to take an screenshot it will acess some other directory by default which was not accessible
So It was not unable to save the screenshot capture.
gnome-screenshot can't connect to the shell service, that's expected since gnome-shell isn't running.
The pictures do however get saved into ~/Pictures

Solution 1 :-

The best recommended solution is to downgrade the gnome-screenshot to older version to gnome-screenshot_3.2.1-3_amd64.deb  Google this to download and it will solve your issue.

Solution 2 :- 

This one is i am using on my system.

1. Go to Application --> System-tools-->preferences-->System Setting--> Keyboard.
2. Navigate to custom shortcut
3.Create a new shortcut named As u wish and add command gnome-screenshot --interactive and save
4.Now click on that shortcut and it will ask for new key now select prntscr button their 
5. Hurrey You Done IT 

Note:-  1. No need to downgrade for solution 2.
            2. gnome-screenshot works in interactive mode it will ask you what to capture and where to save 




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