Whatsapp on Computer (windows)

                   Install and configure whatsapp on windows

Hey All,

I know you are thinking that what is this doing on our security blog but i found this is very useful,thats y i m posting this article here.


Basically their is no rocket science behind this. This a so simple, we will install an emulator for android on windows the emulator will allow us to run android application on it.just like we install ps2 emulator and play PS2 games on windows same as this


1. windows system (XP,7,8) of any arc 
2.Bluestack application which can be download from HERE
3. little skill on windows 
4.valid/active Gmail account.

Lets Begin :-

1. Download the bluestack and install it install with administrator rights

2. you have to answare basics question and say install

NOTE:- here you can get graphics card issue Error25000 if you get download THis


3. Once you have  finish installation you can view the two icons on the desktop named apps and Start blue stack.

4. Once you are done with this start bluestack and you are ableto view this type of screen.

6. Now here we begin our blue-stack configuration part, just click on top 25 apps and their you will find whats-app messenger  and click on it it will start installing


7. Once installation will done it will show you in you app list like this

8. Now click on whatsapp icon and go through its configuration lke we do on phone

9. Once you have done all this varification and all you are able to watch the whatsapp working on PC

10. This will Look something like this...

Hurry...! you did it



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