Kali Linux :- Hyper-V vs VirtualBox

Recently I tested The Hyper-V by Microsoft for virtualization.



Pros : Not much, as people says it gives you direct kernel level virtualization (KVM) but in reality it sucks. I don't feel the much difference in performance VirtualBox was even better in peformance.

CONS : - 

MS Says that you will get direct kernel access from the virtual machine  but, it sucks a lot.

below are the highlight's from my Testing 

  1. No device Level Access
  2. Wi-Fi will detect as eth (Seriously then why you called it bare metal virtualization) 
  3. Video resolution ( Forget about 2K or 4K it even wont have proper video device management )
  4. Enhance-session (Never turns up it was grey(even after using kali-tweaks)) 
  5. Kali-Tweaks ( Virtualization detected: VirtualBox.  Your system is already configured for this virtualization technology. )    
  6. Kali-tweaks ( tried configuring multiple times Multiple reboot's (host & Guest) Still Sucks)
  7. Desktop managers :- LightDM suicide immediately after knowing Hyper-V is provider
  8. Network Management :- 100 times wrost than VirtualBox as you have to configure the each virtual network switch for each network.
  9. USB Pass through not supported.
  10. You can add the hardware (base hardware to virtual E.G. Alpha card.

In Short, I am doing appwiz.cpl --> Turn on/off feature --> uncheck Hyper-V 

Also I think we need to give some time to Microsoft for development as virtualbox is in market since many years.

Now if we compare Hyper-V, it doesn't even come close to Virtualbox 4.0 ;) forget about VB: 6.0

Also this adds so much valuable input.

:- https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/glan8x/why_i_think_hyperv_sucks/